What is it?

Simply put, an indoor toilet for your furry friend!  Paw-ta-Potty is an all natural, REAL grass alternative to puppy pads and synthetic grass toilets.


How does it work?

Once you receive your Paw-ta-Potty just take the lid off, pop the base with the the grass inside the upturned lid and then pop it down on the floor.  That's it!  Make sure to keep it in a consistent place each time so your fur-baby knows where to find it.


What about the smell?

Because Paw-ta-Potty uses real grass, the grass absorbs the wee as part of its survival.  This absorbs the smell too!  Plus, no wee wee leaking everywhere!


How long does it last?

A Paw-ta-Potty carton will last comfortably for a fortnight with normal use, it can certainly be stretched to a month but keep in mind it will look pretty sad by the end of the month.  That is a full month without soil or nutrients for a plant.


How do I know my dog will use it?

From our experience any already potty trained dog tends to cotton on within 24hrs without much hassle.  They know real grass and they know the drill.  Puppies can be a bit trickier and might need more guidance.  If you are struggling we suggest getting another dog to use it once to get the smell onto it, this usually sorts out the issue fairly quickly. Alternatively, you can try collecting some of the their wee and sprinkle a little bit onto the grass, they will then associate it as "the spot to go".


How does the subscription thing work?

We offer custom subscriptions, either every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks.  When you go through the check out you will be prompted to make an account, this will allow you to manage your own subscription whenever you want!

Of course, if you are not sure or have any questions just shoot us an e-mail or message and we can sort it all out for you.  

There is no minimum order and you can cancel any time.


Where has this been all my life?

Shhhhhhh, it's OK, we're here now, together, and that's all that matters.